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  1. Circles

From the album Mandolin Mornin'

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Copyright 2014 Justin Mychals Music


Mychals c2013

Round and round this circle goes
Always comin back
To where you started from

Still This new day is just the same
your back to the wind
And your face turned to the sun

Don't be afraid
The storm will soon pass on
Don't be afraid
To take the road less traveled on
Don't be afraid
Life each day will still go on

Each day brings A new sunrise
You plant and you grow
Alway reapin what you sow

Empty your pockets
Look down at your change
Lord, it's what your workin for


Wake up next to the one you love
Half the time
This can't be done

Step back from your life
Look into those eyes
Lord that's who your livin for