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  1. Abigail

From the album Mandolin Mornin'

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Mychals/Trexler/Whitman c2012

A sweet strawberry hangin’ on the vine, you won’t be sweet but for a very short time
Ripe for the pickin, no it won’t take long
Best run from the devil or ya gonna get caught

Come on Abigail, don’t run on into town,
them blued eyed handsome boys are gonna let you down
Let you down, let you down, Hell or Heaven bound
Sweet, sweet Abigail don't run on into town

Much too young and pretty
Can't wait to leave the farm
Them boys will see you comin
You'll fall for any line
A little cream and sugar
Or sweet strawberry wine
Sweet strawberry hangin...
Justa Hangin' from the vine


Abigail, abigail don't waste all your sweet time
I'll throw my heart beside you
I wanna make you mine
I know I ain't handsome
And I don't have blue eyes
But my love for you is truer
Than the sweetness on the vines