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  1. Sorry Man

From the album Mandolin Mornin'

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Sorry Man

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Copyright 2014 Justin Mychals Music


Mychals c 2012

Ever night you sit at home and wonder where I am
Where I'm at, who I'm with or if I'm still your man
I'm doin what I want, cause there ain't no consequence
And we still share our bed at night
While I keep sittin on the fence

I'm sorry now
I was sorry then
And given a chance
I'll be sorry again
I'm sorry now
And I was sorry then
Come to think of it
I'm just a sorry man

When you first fell for me I told you what I was
You ignored that fact of life you thought you was in love
You did not think about it you thought that you could change
The way I was , the things I do
For lookin for some strange (the way I look for strange)


Thru these years it hasn't changed and I'm still the same
Lay out all night, sleep all day I just Waller in my shame
If you could do much better you'd prob'ly leave today
But your face still stops a train
And I'm bettin your gonna stay