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Miners and Shiners

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Miners and Shiners
Mychals c 2013

Two things made a livin round here in the '20's
Most folks were dirt poor none had plenty
You broke your back down deep in those dark coal mines
Or you hid in the hills and you brewed that shine

Grandaddy swore he' never crawl down in the ground
So he brewed his shine and he spread it all around
One night on a run he got jacked in the hills
Four got away but two got killed

A damn good gun he told the judge caused him to sin
Grandaddy spent a year in the Virginia state pen
Left daddy in charge of 4 mouths to feed
So daddy went downs in the mines to earn his keep

Daddy was a black faced, hard workin,
Pushin the dust coal miner
Granddaddy was a gun totin, son of bitching,
Spit in your face moonshiner
Ain't but two paths to follow and you gotta take one
Do you follow his daddy or do you follow his son

Daddy worked hard down in them deep dark mines
While granddaddy was in Richmond doin his time
Daddy worked like man to be eleven years old
Made a dollar a day diggin that black dust gold

Granddaddy got paroled from the Virgina state pen
Swore he was never goin back agin
Pulled a gun on a man down at the hardware store
Law caught him drunk with the local town whore

Daddy came up from hell and he spit out the dust
Knew he'd wind up dead and full of rust
He thought about granddaddy doin his time
Threw down his pick and he started runnin shine