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  1. Forever Rainbow

From the album Mandolin Mornin'

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Forever Rainbow

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Forever Rainbow – Mychals/Trexler 2012

(Verse 1)
Forever Rainbow stretched before me
The engine whines and the guitars sing
Everytime I take the stage I’m somewhere different
While your at home, holdin’ down our dreams

What are the colors of this
Forever Rainbow
Are they bright and pretty
or dark and gray
When one dream becomes two
one may not find a place to grow
So, tell me What are the colors of this
Forever rainbow

(Verse 2)
Forever Rainbow gettin’ longer
Mile marker signs lead the way
This phone lets me know the life I’m missin
While I'm singin' a song a thousand miles away


And I tell myself I will do better
to be the cool touch that a lover outta be
and God only knows how much I love them
but does it mean that I sacrifice my dream

(Verse 3)
Forever Rainbow takes me home now
Shoulders are cold for a couple days
But from the storms come the rainbows
We know both dreams are just one anyway