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  1. Ramblin' Paul

From the album Mandolin Mornin'

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Ramblin' Paul

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Copyright 2014 Justin Mychals Music


Ramblin’ Paul
Mychals/Smith copyright 2012


with 3 strings on his guitar
Rode(Told) the fate of Ramblin Paul
Once he picked a flattop
the best you ever saw
the pint of whiskey in his (coat) pocket
brought about his fall
The best string bender from Virginia
The kid named Ramblin' Paul

Ole Paul walked by the window
on a frosty winter morn
A friend who was there with me
asked me where he'd come from
Had his guitar on his shoulder
and that bottle in his hand
I took a sip a coffee
and told my friend about that man

Came out of Big Stone Gap Virginia
when he was just a kid
Played a guitar(flattop) fast as lighting ( like White Lightnin")
Like no one ever did
I said you've got no way of knowing,
but that mans been through it all
Once Made the bright lights of the Opry
Now we just call him Ramblin Paul


He played with all our favorites (the big names)
upon that Hallowed stage
But the best years of his life
turned to an angry drunken rage
His demons sent him back
to the streets of Bristol Town
Searching in that bottle
For the life that he'd drank down

One day I stood and watched
as he sang into the glass
But the girls behind the window
didn't care about his past
He sang about loves
And his life that just broke down
took a drink from his pint bottle
and walked away thru Bristol town


The bright lights faded softly
one cold december day
Curled with his bottle
his torment finally slipped away
Those 3 strings on his guitar
couldn't soothe his drunken rage
I wished I could have (seen)watched him
When all the strings where still in place