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  1. Mandolin Mornin'

From the album Mandolin Mornin'

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Mandolin Mornin'

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copyright 2014 Justin Mychals Music


Justin Mychals c2012

I sit here every morning
and drank my coffee down
I watch the sun peak over the ridge
And listen to the Mandolin Sound

Ain't no sight more beautiful
than that mountain sky
Ain't no sound I love to hear
More than the Mandolin cry

It's a Mandolin Morning
The sweetest sound you'll ever hear
It's a Mandolin Morning
I just throw away my cares

Each night I go to sleep
Leave the cares of the day behind
Wake up with the mornin light
And play Sweet Angeline

I start each day with a prayer
To my God on High
Play a little song on the Mandolin
Start workin to get by


When I die to leave this earth
and they lay me in the ground
I wanna hear my sweet mandolin
play that lonesome sound