Meet Justin Mychals


Justin Mychals father loved to tell the stories of the mountains and the families that lived there. Many a night was spent with the grownups sittin’ in the dark tellin’ tales of the older generation while Justin, being of the younger generation, sat on the floor and listened. And listened he did! Those old mountain and family stories are the cornerstone of his last two releases “Mandolin Mornin” and “Lilac”!

Raised as a “City Hillbilly” in East Tennessee, Justin’s musical heritage looks like the spokes on a wagon wheel. Exploding from the center and forever goin’ ‘round and ‘round.  Listening to the Grand Ole Opry every Saturday night in bed between his parents and then dancing to the Motown and Beatles his siblings had playing on the old Magnavox built the foundation of the wheel. The Blues and Rock n Roll of his teenage years exploded the spokes. His Daddy bought him his first Sears guitar at the age of 7! He’s been rollin’ ever since!

His constant touring of the last 21 years has turned Justin Mychals into a seasoned and storied Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer. As people leave a Justin Mychals show you hear time and again:


  • “I didn’t want the night to end and I just love his stories.”
  • “So entertaining”                         
  • “I could listen to his songs all night. A great story teller!”