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Justin Mychals Bio 2023

Justin’s latest release on the Curtain Call Record label is “Baptized in Muddy Water”. An ode to all the saved individuals out there that have a kind, giving and spiritual heart but refuses to be pushed around by anyone that takes exception to their chosen life.  This cut is from his latest CD release “Appalachian Mountain Soul”. His first release for Curtain Call Records was “Die With an Empty Gun” with the message of “live your life to the fullest and don’t waste your days with excuses”.  It garnered nationwide air play and charted on radio stations in Australia and the UK at number 3 and number 2 respectively. The president of Curtain Call Records says Justin’s music is “some of the greatest she has ever listened to”!  “Appalachian Mountain Soul” was the fourth release from Justin being preceded by 2018’s “Lilac”, 2016’s “Mandolin Mornin’” and 1998’s “Days of Thunder”.

Hailing from the mountains of East Tennessee, this Appalachian songwriter is steeped in the music, stories, and folklore of the mountains he calls home. His sound and styles are heavily influenced and emulates the country, bluegrass and old-time mountain music he heard growing up just 20 minutes from The Birthplace of Country Music, Bristol Tennessee/Virginia and a short drive thru “The Gap” to Hiltons/Maces Springs Va. home of the beloved Carter Family, A.P., Sara, and Mother Maybelle.  Justin cut his teeth on these songs, sounds and stories of the founding of this music to bring you his driving brand of Appalachian Mountain Soul. “The soul of Appalachian Mountain Soul is not about the style of music but rather the people and the heart of the music”, says Justin. His influences include Merle Haggard, Hal Ketchum and Ray Wylie Hubbard to today’s contemporaries Chris Stapleton and Tyler Childers.  Constantly being “genre’d” by the industry, his music is Country-Americana Folk as an Appalachian Artist.

Justin’s songs are about family, people from the Appalachian Region and the mountain way of life passed down from previous generations. They tell the tales of the struggles and the joys of growing up in this remote section of the southeast and the challenges it presented. His ability to tell a story and then weave it into the songs he writes makes for one of the most enjoyable musical journeys out there.

Fall of 2023 and 2024 sees Justin touring extensively as a duo and with his band the awesome Cathead Biscuit Boys. They are currently booking dates across the country and expanding their fan base through social media, live shows and live streaming.  Catch Justin and The Cathead Biscuit Boys on the PBS nationally syndicated show “Song of the Mountains” for their 18th season starting in September ‘23 with the new fall schedule, (check your local listings for date airing and times).


John Kunz, CEO of Curtain Call Records- “What I loved about Justin right away is his Songs, his authenticity, and his professionalism.  I knew we wanted to sign him immediately. We’re very happy and excited to ad him to the Curtain Call Records Country division. We are looking forward to a great 2024!”


Tom Netherland, Entertainment Editor for the Bristol Herald Courier- “Roots provide the backbone for Mychal’s music just as they do for a tree. Thus graced, he stands tall!!”


Tim White, Song of the Mountains- “What a great set from Justin and The Cathead Biscuit Boys.  Authentic and professional, they provided the audience with an enjoyable evening of Appalachian Mountain music. Justin is truly a practicing Appalachian Balladeer! Thanks so much for appearing on our show!”.

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